I have since added eighteen additional lines to his system.  John and his wonderful, dedicated staff maintain these lines by cleaning them after each keg.  Their love for the beer is evident with every glass. 

From this one job, I began to get many inquires for doing more draught jobs and at this point, it was time to quit my job and start up my own company.  I strive to get better with every job and, while you will always find someone to do a job for less money, no one will offer you a system that has better parts or will last longer.  Also, having worked in many breweries, I understand both the needs and equipment of small and large breweries better than anyone else in my industry.  For this reason, I have been chosen to install beer lines in many of Colorado's breweries.  Most recently, I have designed and installed the draught system for Crooked Stave's new location, installed the draught system at the new Avery Brewing facility, replaced Wynkoop Brewings aging beer lines and towers, as well as handling the renovation and expansion of Bull & Bush's system.  I also have installed a ceramic tower with three chilled beer lines at the Governor's Mansion (paid for by the Colorado Brewer's Guild).

You can have a quality brew and see my work at (in no particular order and list is not complete):

  • Backcountry Pizza & Taphouse in Boulder and Nederland
  • Rueben's Burger Bistro in Boulder
  • Mountain Sun in Boulder
  • Under the Sun in Boulder
  • Vine Street Pub and Brewery in Denver
  • Avery Brewing in Gunbarrel
  • Wynkoop Brewery in Denver
  • Crooked Stave at the Source in Denver
  • Crafty Fox in Denver
  • Finn's Manor in Denver
  • West Bound & Down Brewing in Idaho Springs
  • 4 Noses Brewing in Broomfield
  • Wonderland Brewing in Broomfield
  • StarBar in Denver
  • Call to Arms Brewing in Denver
  • Hogshead Brewing in Denver
  • Liquid Mechanics Brewing in Lafayette
  • Caribou Room in Nederland
  • Crosscut Pizza in Nederland
  • The Last Dollar in Telluride
  • Avalanche Brewing in Silverton
  • Winter Park Pub in Winter Park
  • Maddie's Biergarten in Castle Rock
  • Nosh in Colorado Springs
  • Niwot Tavern in Niwot
  • Haystack Golf  in Longmont
  • Very Nice Brewing in Nederland
  • Caution Brewing in Denver (Peoria Exit)
  • Fire on the Mountain in Denver
  • Diebolt's Brewing in Denver
  • Jagged Mountain Brewing in Denver
  • Colorado Plus Brewing in Wheat Ridge
  • 12 Degree Brewing in Louisville
  • Yak & Yeti Brewery in Arvada
  • Tap & Handle in Ft. Collins
  • Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden
  • Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield 
  • Bull & Bush in Glendale
  • The Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion in Denver (by invitation only of course)

In addition, I would especially like to thank the following people for their invaluable support and help:

  • Laura Olson who let me play with beer while she was bringing home real money.  Best wife ever!
  • Jeff Mendel.  He continues to be a wealth of information to anyone in the beer industry.  He was my trainer in my initial days as a draught tech and is always a welcome friend and golf partner.
  • Richard Van Sant who, after the Backcountry Pizza job told me that, "you know, all your friends think you are stupid for not doing this full time."  Oh yeah!  Another welcome golf partner.
  • Tom Boogaard for hiring me at Avery Brewing (but is sadly useless with a golf club) and
  • Adam Avery for letting Tom hire me.
  • Eric Wallace and all the great folks at Left Hand Brewing.  I never enjoyed a job more.
  • Jim Stevens who helped me with the paperwork in the formation of Keg Whisperer.
  • Ted Whitney who first called me "The Keg Whisperer" during an introduction to a client at Avery.  I've gotten jobs solely because the name made someone laugh.
  • Jason Stengl, a great friend and brewer who voluntarily suffered through a few tough jobs with me while Cannonball Creek Brewing was under construction.  And a golf swing for the ages.
  • Scott Bartell, brewer, acupuncturist, and great friend who was my first employee before he moved to Wisconsin to pursue...well, Lisa.  I may never again find someone who will work as hard or can be trusted to work unsupervised.  You are missed. 
  • John Fayman, without whom, I might be looking for work.
  • The great folks at Foxx Equipment who hired me without me even filling out an application.  You didn't lose an employee, you gained a good client.

Thanks for checking out this site.


Finished Bar

Bar Rendering Done Before Work

Keg Whisperer, LLC is a locally owned and operated Colorado business specializing in high end draught system design and installation.  As its owner, I have (mis?)spent the majority of my life acquiring the skills necessary to perform this job.  I have spent time as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, framer, drywall installer, painter, cabinet maker, brewer, draught tech and welder.  I am proficient in CAD design and have frequently done before and after renderings for clients.  This confluence of skills leaves me uniquely qualified to handle large and difficult draught line installations. 

As a draught tech and brewery rep I had the opportunity to see and work with many large draught systems and, for the most part, I found them lacking.  There was extensive use of chrome plated brass parts and excessive use of vinyl tubing.  Some systems poured more foam than beer.  Several years ago, I was contacted by my friend John Fayman of Backcountry Pizza in Nederland about a new beer bar he was building in Boulder.  He shared the same misgivings about the state of draught systems and asked me to design and install his fifty line system.  He gave me the freedom and wallet to build the state of the art system that I was always wanting to build.  There were to be no shortcuts,  no inferior parts.  All metal parts that touched the beer were to be made of stainless steel.  The beer lines needed to stay clean, clean easily, not take on flavors, not taste like vinyl, and pour expensive and highly carbonated beer without waste.  It needed to be pushed with 100% Carbon Dioxide because he did not want his IPAs tainted with the creaminess that a Nitrogen blend gas can impart to the beer.  He also trusted that I could transform his existing mahogany bar into a beer tower.  As I had a full time job working for Foxx Equipment, which sells and manufactures beer and soda equipment, I spent nights and weekends for four months working on his system.